Summer Term

Welcome back after the Easter break. Hopefully you all had a great time.
We are currently looking the story Handa’s Surprise. We have looked at the fruits included in the story and have tasted mango. Our particular focus at the moment concerns animals in stories. This book is set in Kenya so we have talked about African animals. Our future stories will include traditional tales such as The 3 Pigs and Red Riding Hood.
In maths we are looking at the concept of more and fewer and learning to count 2 sets of objects to find the total.
We are still learning about rhyming words and initial sounds of our names. The children are being encouraged to write their own names where possible for example on art work.
We have had an inspirational man visit us, David Gray, who has helped the children learn about general well-being which is a whole school focus for this year.
As ever, please feel free to ask us about any concerns you may have. Thanks
Nursery Team

People who help us

IMG_1774 IMG_1785

IMG_1832IMG_1900 IMG_1892 The children have become interested in the use of colours in the environment and in particular the blue uniforms of the Police and red in connection with firefighters so we have followed this line of enquiry this week. We have also talked about Chinese New Year – year of the Rooster- and the fact that the colour red is considered very lucky. It will be party time in China Town this weekend. We made streamers and performed ribbon dances for each other.
In Forest School with Mr Bates, we made fairy wands and doors for the fairies to come and play at night time. Lots of fun!
We have experimented with colour mixing at our creative table using the primary colours. During our carpet sessions we have been trying to get to grips with the tricky concept of comparing 3 lengths – short , shorter, shortest and if you come across any ways to reinforce this at home that would be a great help.
Thanks very much to the parents who were able to come into Nursery on Wednesday to look at the Learning Journeys and add comments. We hope you found this useful. If anyone would like a quick look before school please ask,

This is just a sample of the activities the children engage in over the week and hope this gives you some idea of what happens.
We trust everything is fine with you and, as ever, please feel free to talk to us if not.

Mrs C MacDonald Mrs C Langley Mrs K O’Toole

Colour and Sound

DSCF2325 IMG_1276Our Learning Challenges this half term are based around the uses of colour and how sounds are made. Sound is very much the focus of our Phase 1 Letters and Sounds sessions helping children distinguish between various ones.
The children enjoyed the stories so far – Rainbow Fish and Wow said the Owl. Stories are a great way into a variety of topics such as friendship, caring and the environment. The children particularly enjoyed joining in with the repetitive phrases eg Wow Said the Owl!.
Some children have picked up on the colour red and have initiated fire fighter play which has led us to plan for people who help us challenges next week.
Mr Bates has excited the children with fab activities in the Forest Garden. They organise themselves into games of hide and seek on the main playground now following on from that.
Children recently have had the chance to chop fruit and veg to make smoothies as part of our school Wellbeing focus and also spreading butter on toast. Important life skills!
Due to the recent wet weather and the irresistible attraction of puddles, our spply of spare clothes is depleted so please could you make sure we have spare ssooks and clothes for your child on their peg and hope for good weather soon!
We all look forward to seeing you on Wednesday to show you your child’s Learning Journey and for an opportunity to see them at play in Nursery.
Mrs MacDonald Mrs C Langley Mrs K O’Toole


DSCF2505We continue to settle the children in to our routines and expectations. All seem happy and settled now. To make things easier/happier for the children , we now have lunch in the Nursery instead of the large crowded hall with the help of 2 midday assistants. The children are encouraged to eat their lunch,( in the right order!) and are given as long as is needed.
We have had the opportunity to participate with the whole school during Well Being Wednesday and enjoyed our Yoga session.  We have also experienced a Fitness Friday which families are encouraged to join in after school.  There will be more happening!
As part of our daily lives, we have a spot known as the Hippo Area where children can sit if they feel the need to calm down or relax for a few minutes. We are learning a little song which we hope will encourage the children to think before reacting negatively. Ask the about the Hippo song to learn about this further!
Recently, we have made bread rolls and investigated the insides of pumpkins.
After half term we shall talk about Diwali and Bonfire Night. Our new Learning Challenge will be Where does the Sun go a Night? We shall be talking about nocturnal animals and people who have to work through the night amongst other topics. Our story times will include the fabulous Owl Babies and The Night Pirates.
We are starting to send home books to share with family at home which can be changed once a week. These are not reading books as such but it would be great if you could ask the children questions about the illustrations and what has happened in the book. Thanks.
As always, please feel free to speak to any of us about any concerns.
Mrs C MacDonald Mrs C Langley Mrs K O’Toole

It has been a busy time meeting all the children and their families.  Nearly all the children have started now and are settling in well.

We like to spend time getting to know them all and establishing routines so that we can then build on these to enable good learning to take place.

We have a focus book for the week and currently it is  I Look Like This by Nick Sharratt.  It is good to start with what the children know. We shall be talking about colour of eyes, hair  and beginning to explore our senses. We spend time singing number songs and familiar nursery rhymes.  This week there will be role play involving Miss Polly and her sick dolly.   We shall also being discussing tall, taller and tallest.

The children have been making the most of the recent weather and exploring the outside area.  Soon we shall be in need of their wellies no doubt.

On Friday 30th we shall be inviting you t our Macmillan Coffee morning – details to follow.

As always, should there be anything you would like to talk to us about please do feel free.

Mrs C MacDonald   Mrs C Langley Mrs K O’Toole